An introduction to Linkury's Smartbar, presenting key features and main benefits to content publishers

Linkury has a vision – established in 2009, and already a preeminent developer of a next generation content engagement tool that is simple and user-friendly – the company would like to be a market leader in the provision of smart yet simple content engagement solutions, and the complementary applications required to enhance simplicity and efficiency of internet usage. The Linkury Smartbar – Linkury’s flagship product – has been developed and designed to meet this vision.

Search providers, toolbars, complementary applications and other internet tools are abundant is a market that is as competitive as it is large and varied. The Linkury Smartbar addresses audiences on both sides of the internet arena – content providers and users – offering each one a unique experience that the company hopes will leverage its Smartbar to the top of the leader boards.

Linkury’s Smartbar Top Features

Linkury Smartbar - Overview

Linkury’s Smartbar user-interface is, as implied by the name, smart; while maintaining an intrinsic user-friendliness. The Smartbar offers users several features that allow them to personalize the Smartbar according to their particular preferences, as well as providing features for an enhanced user experience. Customization and personalization features include the ability to add your own widgets to the Smartbar, such as widgets for games, translation services, maps and more.

The user no longer has to have the toolbar on the top of his screen – the Linkury Smartbar can be positioned on the bottom of the screen, should this be the user’s preference, or on the left or right sides of the screen, as well as the traditional top position. Another “nice to have” feature for users is the ability to share content across multiple social networking websites with a single mouse click. The search experience is also enhanced for the user, enabling him to search several terms through a broad range of search providers. Results can then be displayed side by side on the screen, making it easy and comfortable to compare these.

Key Benefits to Content Publishers

The Linkury Smartbar also holds appeal for content publishers, who can integrate the Smartbar in their websites by adding a script, without the need for any download. On the site, the Smartbar is the customizable with the publisher’s look and feel, and the publisher is also able to determine the search providers, social networks, content and services offered. In addition, installation and update are silent in the background, with minimal interruption and no user interaction required.

Linkury’s Smartbar has a built-in, customized platform for report generation, allowing publishers to generate numerous business and usage related reports such as reports of revenue, usage trends, etc. The publisher maintains installation control over multiple platforms including browsers and mobile and tablet applications. On the user side, Linkury’s Smartbar is available for multiple platforms and with all web browsers. Established on Microsoft Azure and other existing technologies, the Linkury Smartbar is a highly scalable system that has also been shown to have high availability.

The Next Generation of Toolbars

As the internet and all applications related thereto moves forward into the next generation, the Linkury Smartbar will accompany it as the next generation of toolbars.

Further Information

If you have any questions with regard to Linkury's Smartbar you can visit our Questions and Answers Page, where you can find answers to selected questions.