Following are selected questions and answers with regard to the Linkury Smartbar

Why should I download and install Linkury's Smartbar on my browsers?

The Linkury Smartbar has selected the most common actions that users are performing on the Internet and made them faster and easier. One of the most important functions is searching and sharing content online. With the Smartbar, the user can simultaneously search several search engines and then with one click, share that information through the most popular social networking sites.

Will my private information be exposed if I use Linkury?

No need to worry. Linkury does not use any information regarding user actions or login data and it doesn't share those details with a third party.

Are there hidden fees in using Linkury?

There are no fees involved with using Linkury. It is 100% free!

Why is there is a new button adjacent to the address line?

By using that button, you can maximize or minimize the bar, move its location to the top or the bottom of the screen or hide the bar when needed.

How does the Linkury Smartbar help me find the information I'm looking for more quickly?

Here is how to search for text quickly with the Smartbar:

  1. Highlight the text.
  2. Open the Search Box.
  3. Choose the search engine.

If you need to enter the text manually:

  1. Locate the text box on the Smartbar.
  2. Type in the text.
  3. Choose the search engine.

If the search engine that you want to use for the search is not listed in the main menu, click on the “plus” button to view a complete list of search engines.

What is the easiest way for me to share content quickly using Linkury?

To quickly share text:

  1. Highlight the text.
  2. Open the Share box.
  3. Choose a network.

If the link you want to share does not include text, then you only need to click on the image of the network itself, which is located on the Smartbar.

To share a video or a photo:

  1. Position the pointer over the video or photo.
  2. Go to the quickbar (on your screen's upper left corner).
  3. Click on the image of the network.

Is it possible to search in more than one search engine at the same time?

The ability to search more than one site at the same time is one of the best things about Linkury's Smartbar!

To search multiple sites:

  1. Highlight or type the text.
  2. Click on the search menu's “plus” button.
  3. Select the sites from the list.
  4. Click on “show multiple results”.

A window opens to display results next to each another.

Is it possible to share on multiple social networks at the same time?

Yes. One of the ways in which the Linkury Smartbar helps save time is that you can share on more than one social network at the same time:

  1. Click on the “plus” image in the share box.
  2. Choose the “multi-share” option.
  3. Select the social networks.
  4. Click “multi-share below.

Is it possible to add a picture that I found online to my Facebook album?

To quickly upload and share a picture on Facebook, position your pointer on the image. When a quickbar appears in the upper left corner, choose the Facebook icon.

Why does the Linkury Smartbar disappear on certain websites, such as Gmail?

There are some compatibility bugs with certain websites that we are working to solve. Try to avoid products or websites such as these until we solve the problem.

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